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About Alpacas

Our alpacas are all less than a year old. Their names are Noelle, Chrystal, Clarity, and Gypsy. Those are their short names. They will be sheared in the spring. Generally that happens once a year. A grown alpaca may produce 5 to 10 pounds of fiber that can be spun into yarn and used to make luxurious fabrics. They are sheared to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The first time I saw an alpaca lay down, I thought maybe she was getting ready to give birth. Actually, Because they have so much fiber, and their stomach does not, they lay in the sun, exposing their bellies to get their vitamin D.

Giving birth, well that is another story Generally, mom delivers while standing up. Babies are called, "crias" and are born weighing 15-19 pounds. Most of the time it is is a single birth. Recent figures support one out of 2,000 deliveries being twins. Within 90 minutes, crias are usually standing and nursing. They nurse until they are weaned around the age of six months. they will not be ready to breed until around the age of two. They carry their babies for just over eleven months. 

They are so easy to love.

Let me introduce you to alpacas..... as seen on The View 


This video below shows white crias (baby alpacas) similar to our Cali girls: Noelle, Crystal, and Clarity. These crias are in Oregon. Our girls have out grown their name tags. (they wouldn't wear them anyway) You can imagine how difficult they are to tell apart. 



Updated February 09, 2017