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Telling Our Story

Telling Our Story

Chambana Gifts is an alpaca clothing store owned by Ruth and Chris. We have been married for thirty five years and have a multitude of experiences. We do not own Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse;however, we hope to provide the same quality products and service. We received a gift card from our children for our anniversary. We had a fabulous experience at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and will return there to celebrate something special. We hope to bring the same quality in our gifts and service because our shoppers deserve the best. You will mostly hear my voice (Ruth’s) in our store. However, we both believe in personalizing the shopping experience. 

Chambana Gifts opened in the fall of 2012. It was a long journey to get here. We both have degrees in therapeutic recreation. We met at a camp for special needs children and adults in northern Indiana. Thus our journey of belief in the human spirit began. Chris continues to work with special populations and we both share a passion for service. 

In 1997, our life changed significantly. We were raising three sons and my job changed suddenly. My career as an organization development consultant required I travel throughout North America, if I wanted to stay employed. Every week for the next seven years I boarded planes to get where I needed to go. My stressful career became more complicated. If gifts couldn’t be purchased in an airport, I bought them online. 

To this day, I still enjoy the bliss of finding unique gifts on-line. It is the simplest way to shop. We shop and ship gifts to loved ones on a regular basis. Stress free shopping with free shipping, delivered to your doorstep is the only way to shop. Chris, will vouch for that. Our grandchildren love getting packages in the mail. Chambana Gifts wants you to receive the quality and treatment you deserve.

In the spirit of giving..sit back, relax and shop for alpaca socks and other products like our warm alpaca scarves.

Updated February 25, 2017