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About our Store for Alpaca Socks and More

Ad da Bear gift line was inspired by our first grandchild, Addy. When she was three, she said, “Grandma Ruth, do I make you happy?" The answer, "absolutely yes!" We want the people you love to be absolutely happy when they receive your gifts of alpaca clothing made with the finest of fibers. 

The Ad da Bear gift line consists of teddy bears and other stuffed animals, all made from the “Fiber of the Gods", alpaca fiber. Alpacas have sixteen different natural colors recognized by the alpaca registry. They are known for their soft and luxurious fiber. The lighter colors such as pure white, light fawn, and light gray can be died to make a rainbow of color for the fiber artist.

Our stuffed animals are made in the natural colors with accessories in a rainbow of colors. Alpaca fiber can be combined with other fine fibers to make interesting blends. In general alpaca fiber is stronger, lighter, warmer, and more resilient than other fibers. They are believed to be hypo-allergenic and fire retardant. The natural alpaca products make luxurious gifts.We want you to say, “absolutely yes" when we ask how satisfied you are with your alpaca socks, other products and your whole shopping experience. And your loved ones, will be “absolutely happy" when they receive your gifts. 

In the winter of 2005, Chris and I took a Wilderness Basics Course through the Sierra Club. That began our journey of hiking in Southern California. We were blessed with the pristine views Mother Earth gave us. Their is nothing like the “high" you get when you accomplish a difficult hike or get your breath taken away by an awesome view.  We enjoyed a few backpacking trips. Enough to appreciate the importance of high quality attire. Adventure Wear that is light to carry in your pack and warm when you wear it are essential. Fiber that keeps you warm when its cold and cool when its hot is called “wicked". Good socks with wicking will also make the difference in keeping your feet dry and blister free. It is not as likely as wool to irritate your skin.
Chambana Gifts offers only adventure wear made with alpaca fiber. In general, that means it is stronger, lighter, warmer, and more resilient. Whether you are hiking, fishing, skiing or relaxing, alpaca is the fiber of choice. Give yourself the gift of adventure wear that works with Mother Nature. You will be glad you did.

Gifts for Her.

There are many reasons you might give her a gift. Perhaps it is a birthday, Christmas, or an anniversary: a gift for mom or a colleague. Maybe it is an “I am sorry" gift, a gift to recognize someone or an “I love you" gift. The greatest gift you can give is your time. In today’s crazy, busy world time is hard to come by. You might consider chocolates, wine, or flowers. All of which are nice to receive. With those gifts, it is only the memory that lasts.

Chambana gifts offers unique, “gifts for her" that will last a lifetime. Luxurious gifts that say, “I love you" or “you are important to me". She can wear our clothing and accessories and think of you each time they are worn. Alpaca gifts are soft, beautiful and will make her feel like a queen. At one time, reserved for nobility, alpaca fibers are soft, unique, and high quality. They are natural products that have remarkable strength, warmth, and a touch of elegance.

We know your time is precious. Our goal is to make this a simple, yet meaningful shopping experience.           
In the spirit of giving...sit back, relax, and shop.

Updated February 25, 2017