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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring on an Alpaca Farm

Spring on the Alpaca Farm

There are many changing seasons in life. Spring for us on the alpaca farm means: it is time to shear the animals before it gets to hot, it is time to clean the barn and get the fans down; And the anticipation of new life is just around the corner.

At Alpacas of Chambana, we are expecting two new babies. Baby alpacas are called Crias. They range from 15 to 20 pounds when they are born. They look like they are all legs. Within 90 minutes they usually have taken there first steps on wobbly legs. They have learned who mom is, where the milk comes from, and how to run. A lot of change happens in a small window of time. If you are blessed enough to witness it, it is so cool.

Last year on Memorial Day Weekend, my sister was visiting from WI. When I was dressing, I joked with her, "since I am wearing white capris today, we will probably have a birth." We were getting ready to watch the Indy 500, a tradition in my household. As I walked over to turn on the TV, I glanced out the window. Low and behold, Clarity was standing in the sunshine, facing the barn and starting to labor. I yelled with excitement, "We are going to have a baby, it's birthing time! Come quickly!" Out we went to the barn, in a matter of minutes, a cria was on the ground. He didn't stay on the ground long. He stood up on pretzel stick like legs. And started exploring. The female alpacas gathered around, as if to cheer them on. He was off and running. A perfect delivery, a healthy cria, and we saw the whole thing.

We appropriately named him, Indy. This weekend Indy turns one.